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February 29, 2024

2024 Lake Okeechobee Discharge: The Ultimate Resource and News Guide

Dive into the most comprehensive resource guide dedicated to the 2024 Lake Okeechobee Discharge. From the latest scientific research to grassroots advocacy efforts, discover everything you need to know about this pivotal environmental event.

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2024 Lake Okeechobee Discharge: The Ultimate Resource and News Guide

Welcome to the Everglade Green Trailhead, your portal into the emerald heart of Florida. As your guide to the sprawling beauty of the state's natural wonders, we invite you to dive deep into a world where adventure meets conservation. Here, community, culture, and geography intertwine, offering an experience that is uniquely Floridian.

February 25

Seabranch Preserve State Park: Exploring South Loop Trail

January 7

Seasonal Shelling in Florida: A Year-Round Guide

January 2

Maximizing Your Everglades Hiking Experience: Essential Tips and Insights

February 24

The Perdido Key Beach Mouse: A Tiny Guardian of Florida’s Dunes

January 16

Wildlife Watching in the Everglades: Best Practices & Techniques

October 22

The Ocklawaha River – A Journey Through Time and Conservation

Uniting Geospatial Expertise with Conservation Passion in Florida

Our mission is to empower and engage communities in understanding, exploring, and protecting Florida's diverse natural wonders. We're dedicated to making Florida's outdoors and environmental knowledge accessible to all, fostering a deeper connection and collective responsibility for our state's unique landscapes and ecosystems.

August 18

Understanding the Transition: How Florida’s Ecosystems Change from Summer to Fall

July 8

Building for Nature: How Florida’s Built Environment Interacts with Ecosystems

April 14

Modern Development and Its Impact on the Everglades’ Tree Islands

October 1

Florida-Friendly Landscaping: Top 10 Plants for Green Living

September 25

The Real-Deal Guide to Living Plastic Free

April 1

Unleash Your Creativity: The Ultimate Guide to Landscape Photography Basics and Composition

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