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Summer is the perfect time for kids to explore the great outdoors, learn about nature, and develop a passion for conservation. Florida, with its unique ecosystems and abundant wildlife, offers some of the best conservation summer camps in the country. These camps provide hands-on learning experiences, allowing children to engage with nature while fostering an appreciation for the environment. Here are some top conservation summer camps in Florida that your kids will love.

Marine Conservation Summer Camp

Dates: June 3rd - August 2nd

Location: Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, Sarasota, FL

Website: Mote Marine Laboratory Summer Camps

Details: This camp is perfect for young marine enthusiasts aged 10-14. Participants will engage in hands-on activities, including marine biology workshops, snorkeling expeditions, and conservation projects aimed at protecting Florida's marine life. Kids will have the opportunity to learn from marine biologists and get up close with sea creatures, making this an unforgettable educational experience.

Tampa Bay Watch Estuary EDventures Summer Camps

Dates: Various dates in June and July 2024

Location: Tampa Bay Watch, Tierra Verde, FL

Website: Tampa Bay Watch Camps

Details: These camps offer a variety of programs for children aged 6-15 to explore the Tampa Bay estuary. Activities include kayaking, snorkeling, and hands-on marine science projects. The camps aim to foster a love for marine conservation and educate participants about the importance of preserving estuarine ecosystems. Campers will explore different habitats and learn about the diverse species that inhabit the estuary.

Student Institute for Marine Science

Dates: Various dates in June

Location: Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Naples, FL

Website: Rookery Bay Summer Institute

Details: This camp offers an immersive experience for middle and high school students interested in marine science. Participants will engage in field-based activities, including water quality testing, wildlife monitoring, and habitat restoration projects. The camp emphasizes hands-on learning and provides a deeper understanding of estuarine ecosystems and the importance of conservation.

The Florida Aquarium Summer Aquacamp

Dates: May 28 – August 2, 2024

Location: The Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL

Website: Florida Aquarium Summer Aquacamp

Details: The Florida Aquarium offers a variety of themed camps for children aged 3-18. These camps provide a fun and educational experience focused on marine life and conservation. Activities include animal encounters, behind-the-scenes tours, and hands-on science experiments. Older campers can participate in more advanced programs that delve into marine biology and environmental science.

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Wekiva Youth Camp

Dates: Various dates in June and July 2024

Location: Wekiwa Springs State Park, Apopka, FL

Website: Camp Wekiva

Details: Wekiva Youth Camp offers a unique experience for children aged 8-13. The camp focuses on environmental education and conservation, providing activities such as hiking, bird watching, and eco-crafts. Campers will learn about Florida's native plants and wildlife, as well as the importance of conserving natural habitats. The program aims to instill a love for nature and a sense of environmental stewardship.

Everglades Youth Conservation Camp

Dates: Various dates in June and July 2024

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Website: Everglades Youth Conservation Camp

Details: Everglades Youth Conservation Camp offers children aged 8-14 an immersive experience in the Everglades ecosystem. Activities include canoeing, archery, wildlife observation, and hands-on conservation projects. The camp emphasizes outdoor skills, environmental education, and fostering a connection to nature. Campers will learn about the unique flora and fauna of the Everglades and the importance of conservation efforts to protect this vital ecosystem.

EcoAdventures Summer Camps

Dates: Various dates in June, July, and August 2024

Location: Miami-Dade Parks, Miami, FL

Website: EcoAdventures Camps

Details: EcoAdventures Summer Camps provide children aged 6-14 with a wide range of outdoor activities and environmental education programs. Campers will participate in nature exploration, wildlife encounters, and conservation projects designed to foster a love for nature and a commitment to environmental stewardship. These camps are perfect for young adventurers who enjoy hands-on learning and outdoor fun in the diverse ecosystems of Miami-Dade County.


Dates: Various dates in June and July 2024

Location: Big Pine Key, FL

Website: SeaCamp

Details: SeaCamp offers an immersive marine science experience for kids aged 10-17. Located in the beautiful Florida Keys, the camp provides opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and hands-on marine biology projects. Campers will learn about coral reef ecosystems, marine conservation, and the importance of protecting our oceans. This camp is perfect for those looking to combine adventure with education.

Benefits of Attending Conservation Summer Camps

Attending a conservation summer camp offers numerous benefits for children. Here are a few reasons why these camps are an excellent choice:

  1. Hands-On Learning: Kids get to participate in real-world conservation projects and learn by doing.
  2. Connection to Nature: Camps help children develop a deep appreciation for the natural world.
  3. Skill Development: Activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and wildlife monitoring teach valuable skills.
  4. Environmental Stewardship: Camps instill a sense of responsibility for protecting the environment.
  5. Social Interaction: Kids meet peers with similar interests and make lasting friendships.

For more information and to register for these events, visit the respective organization's websites or contact them directly.

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