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As someone freshly diving into the (more serious) world of biking, I've found myself at a crossroads, trying to decipher the intricate world of mountain and gravel bikes. Terms like hardtail and 29er seemed foreign. Choosing a bike was one thing. Finding where to ride it in Martin County was another.

This county's beauty offers many biking spots. Yet, understanding where to go for gravel or mountain biking was hard. I aimed to uncover and share Martin County's trails. This would help us both know where to ride, no matter the bike.

Stay tuned for detailed blog posts on specific trails suited for gravel and mountain biking in Martin County. 

Your insights and experiences are invaluable, so if you have recommendations on the best bike type for Southeast Florida's unique landscape, please share them in the comments. Let's embark on this biking adventure together, one trail at a time.

Aerial map of the Historic Jupiter Indiantown Trail in Martin County, Florida.

Historic Jupiter Indiantown Trail

The Historic Jupiter-Indiantown Trail offers a scenic and diverse biking experience. The trail weaves through lush landscapes and provides a unique glimpse into Florida's rich history. This multi-use trail caters to both casual rides and more adventurous excursions. That makes it a must-visit for cyclists of all levels in Martin County.


Multi-Use Trail

Approximately 8 Miles

Managed by Martin County

Aerial map of the Allapattah Flats Biking Trail in Martin County, Florida.

Allapattah Flats Wildlife Management Area Trail

The Allapattah Flats biking trail in Martin Cuonty is known for its wildlife sightings. This trail takes bikers through a variety of Floridian landscapes. From wetlands to wooded areas, it offers a peaceful escape into nature. It's perfect for both leisurely rides and challenging adventures.

Natural Surface

Multi-Use Trail

Approximately 5.6 Miles

Managed by South Florida Water Management District

Aerial map of the Robert B.  Jenkins Biking Trail in Martin County, Florida.

Robert B. Jenkins Trail

The Robert B. Jenkins Trail is a picturesque route that runs through the heart of Martin County. It offers bikers a tranquil journey along calm waterways and lush, green parks. It's ideal for families and cycling enthusiasts alike. This trail provides a safe and enjoyable environment for a day out. And it's got plenty of scenic spots to rest and take in the beauty of Southeast Florida.

Natural Surface

Multi-Use Trail

Approximately 8.6 Miles

Managed by Martin County

Aerial map of the the Halpatiokee Regional Park Biking Trails in Martin County, Florida.

Halpatiokee Regional Park Trails

Halpatiokee Regional Park boasts an extensive network of biking trails. They cater to both novice riders and experienced mountain bikers. It's set against the backdrop of beautiful scenery. These trails meander through dense forests and open spaces. It offers an exhilarating ride and the chance to explore one of Martin County's largest and most diverse natural habitats.

Natural Surface

Biking Trails

7.5 Miles, 12 Segments

Managed by Martin County

Aerial map of Jonathan Dickinson State Park 
biking trail in Martin County, Florida.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park Trails

Jonathan Dickinson State Park Trails offer an unparalleled biking experience in Martin County. The park has beginner-friendly paths to challenging technical routes. These trails span the park's varied landscapes. Landscapes including rare scrub habitats and lush riverine forests.

Paved & Unpaved Surfaces

Multi-Use & Biking Trails

More than 9 Miles

Managed by FDEP Division of Recreation and Parks

Club Scrub's involvement ensures well-maintained paths and organized events. They make these trails a vibrant hub for cyclists seeking adventure and community.

Aerial map of the Hungryland biking trail in Martin County, Florida.

Hungryland Wildlife & Environmental Area Trails

The Hungryland Wildlife & Environmental Area Trails present an untouched slice of Florida's wilderness. It's perfect for bikers who love to explore off the beaten path. These trails wind through a diverse ecosystem of wetlands, pine flatwoods, and seasonal marshes.

Unpaved Surface

Multi-Use Trail

Nearly 5.5 Miles

Managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

As you pedal through this protected area, keep an eye out. There is abundant wildlife and unique plant species that make Hungryland a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and conservation-minded cyclists alike.

Aerial map of the East Coast Greenway biking trail in Martin County, Florida.

East Coast Greenway - Martin County Corridor

The East Coast Greenway - Martin County Corridor is part of a larger, ambitious project to create a continuous biking and walking path stretching from Maine to Florida. This segment in Martin County offers a scenic and safe route for cyclists, connecting communities with a ribbon of green that weaves through urban areas, parks, and along the coastline.

Paved Surface

Multi-Use Trail

More than 5 Miles

It's an ideal trail for those looking to experience the beauty of Southeast Florida on two wheels, whether for commuting, leisure, or long-distance adventures.

Aerial map of the Atlantic Ridge Preserve State Park biking trail in Martin County, Florida.

Atlantic Ridge Preserve State Park Trails

The Atlantic Ridge Preserve State Park Trails offer an exclusive biking experience, hidden away in the serene landscapes of Martin County. To access these secluded trails, cyclists must first obtain a gate code from Jonathan Dickinson State Park, adding an element of adventure and exclusivity to the journey. 

Unpaved Surface

Multi-Use Trail

Almost 27 Miles

Managed by FDEP Division of Recreation and Parks

Once inside, bikers are treated to a diverse array of ecosystems, from dense forests to open meadows, all while enjoying the peace and quiet of one of Florida's protected natural areas.

Aerial map of the Lake Okeechobee scenic biking trail in Martin County, Florida.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trails

The Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail in Martin County provides bikers with breathtaking views of Florida's largest freshwater lake, set against a backdrop of wide-open skies and vibrant wildlife. This portion of the trail offers a unique vantage point to experience the natural beauty and agricultural landscapes that define the area, with well-maintained paths suitable for cyclists of all skill levels. 

Unpaved & Paved Surfaces

Multi-Use Trail

More than 32 Miles

Managed by Army Corp of Engineers

Whether you're in it for a leisurely ride or a long-distance challenge, the scenic vistas and tranquil atmosphere make this trail a standout destination for biking enthusiasts.

Did we miss any of your favorite trails in Martin County? We'd love to hear about the paths you enjoy riding. Share your top biking trail picks in the comments below. Let's create the ultimate guide to biking in Martin County together, trail by trail!

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