Uniting Geospatial Expertise with

Conservation Passion in Florida

Finding My Passion in the Everglades

Hello, I'm Jessica! I’m the voice behind Everglade Green, and I want to share with you how I came to adopt this moniker. My career kicked off in an intriguing spot - the office of my county’s archaeologist. This role was far from ordinary; it was my entryway into the vast and varied landscapes of Florida, past and present. It also marked the beginning of my dive into the realms of Geography and GIS.

A pivotal moment in my career was the opportunity to collaborate closely with the county archaeologist on research focused on the northern Everglades' tree islands. This experience wasn't just about professional growth; it was about discovering a profound connection with Florida's natural world and its history. It set the stage for what Everglade Green would become – a symbol of my commitment to understanding and advocating for Florida's environmental and historical treasures.

My Mission: Understanding & Advocacy

It's not about having a concrete vision for Florida's environmental future for me. Instead, it's about understanding Florida's environment deeply and thoroughly to advocate for its preservation. My goal is to share this knowledge and passion with the community, with you. I believe that by spreading awareness and appreciation for our environment, we can all become advocates for the landscapes and ecosystems we hold dear.

This journey isn't one I'm on alone. It's about all of us coming together, learning about the places we love, and taking a stand for their future. Through Everglade Green, I aim to foster a community of like-minded individuals who are as passionate about conservation as I am.

Let's embark on this mission together – for the love of Florida, for the preservation of its landscapes, and for the future we all share.

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